Wholesale Pricing for All is a concept that we at VG Meats have lived by for over 30 years.  We have many customers that love our products so much that whenever they come to our store they buy in bulk to ensure they don't run out.  We are proud to be able to offer those customers the same prices we offer our “wholesale” customers. The reason we are able to offer our high quality products at discounted rates is that we package meats in high quality bulk packages that help our customers buy in volume. We had the “club pack” concept developed before there was a big box industry. Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you have any specific questions about VG Meats' Wholesale Pricing for All.

We have an ever changing menu of Freezer Specials that mix and match all types of meats with the goal of keeping variety in your daily meals.  Click on a Freezer Special package below and see if you can't find a Special that meets your families specific tastes... we do allow one or more substitutions on most Freezer Specials.  The substitutions are there in order to allow you to tweak the mix of products to better suit your needs, we will make adjustments to the package price if necessary, up or down.

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Sides and quarters, hinds and fronts


Go to the butcher you plan to buy your meat from, unannounced, and buy a sample of the product they have in their counter or freezer.  You'll get an idea of the quality of the product you plan on putting into your freezer.  It would be a shame to buy 300 pounds of meat that you don't like.


Early on in our company's history sides of beef and pork were a common item for our customers.  By purchasing the entire side our customers were able to realize a significant savings and because we cut and wrap the side or quarter to their specification it was highly customized to fit their family's needs.

Sides and quarters are regaining popularity because of the cost savings that can be realized and because lesser know cuts are once again becoming popular.  Ordering a side is completely consistent with the concept of community supported agriculture (CSA) and with the head to tail concept of eating otherwise known as a sustainable meat eating.

The reason that the side and quarters are such a cost saving is because they follow the pricing of the animals right off the farm, and so with that type of pricing, the price you will pay is constantly changing.  Buying a whole side helps us as we don't have to put the lower demanded cuts on a deep price reduction to get them to move.  In order to arrange an order or get more information e-mail or call, info@vgmeats.ca or 519 426-2000.


Side of Beef

A side order gives you every beef cut available, some you will be familiar with, some maybe not so much.  We can customize the packaging so that you get any number of steaks in a package, any size of roast, as well as some added value products like patties made.  Because we cut these to your specific needs if you don't need soup bones, we don't make soup bones, if you don't need stew meat, that's fine, we'll make it into ground beef for you, and et cetera.

Hind Quarter of Beef

The hind quarter of the beef is where some very good cuts come from, like the sirloin, new york strip, tenderloin, rounds, t-bones, porterhouse, flank, hangar (skirt) and of course ground beef and stew.

Front Quarter of Beef

The front quarter of the beef yields the prime rib, ribeye, blade, cross rib, brisket, short ribs, and again ground beef or stew.

Side of Pork

With the side of pork, as with the side of beef, you get all the good stuff that comes from pork.  Chops, ribs, loin, tenderloin, butts, picnics, and the great thing about the pork is that the opportunities for the value added products are tremendous, fresh sausage (many flavours), cured and smoked hams and bacon.

Freezer Specials

If you'd like to see what the special will cost (more or less than stated) send us an e-mail and we'll make the substitution and get you your own freezer special price, info@vgmeats.ca.  On occasion we will stock out of items depending on popularity at the time so freezer specials are occasionally subject to change and based on availability.  We do our best to keep our inventories available or if we do experience stock out we will try to update the freezer specials as soon as possible.


This is a link to our current freezer specials


OR make your own freezer special


10 lbs of medium ground beef

10 lbs of beef blade steak
10 lbs of beef ribs

6 pack of beef t-bone steak (random weight)

6 pack of beef porterhouse steak (random weight)

10 lbs medium ground beef patties, approx 40 pieces per case

6 pack of beef steak pieces (random weight)


10 lbs pork butt chops

10 lbs pork tenderloin end chops

10 lbs pork spare ribs

10 lbs pork breakfast sausage

10 lbs pork farmer sausage

10 lbs pork Italian sausage


10 lbs chicken legs

10 lbs chicken breast

10 lbs chicken quarters

10 lbs split tipped chicken wings

Smoked and Cured Meats

10 lbs premium pork hot dogs (jumbo or regular size)

6 lbs jumbo all beef hot dogs

10 lbs smoked pork chops

10 lbs smoked ham steak

Here's the deal

You buy 4 items above and you get $2.00 per item subtracted from the posted regular price, a total of $8.00 on the order

You buy 8 items above and you get $2.50 per item subtracted from the posted regular price, a total of $20.00 on the order

You buy 10 items above and you get $3.00 per item subtracted from the posted regular price, a total of $30.00 on the order

The condition is that you may not combine this discount with any other sale or promotion that we have going on

Freezer specials subject to change based on availability

Packages from 3 or more categories required