THE Guarantee

If you purchase products from us and don’t agree that we’ve lived up to our guarantee contact us and we will happily make it right. It’s necessary that we hear from you if we don’t deliver on our promise so please contact us.

Tender, flavourful and consistent
  • Some cuts are known for tenderness, some for flavour.  Our meats will perform consistently from one time to the next.  In large national chains meat consistency can be a problem simply due to the size of their supply base that can span the entire globe.
  • The dry aging process that we use in our beef is very important and quite rare when it comes to sourcing tender and flavourful beef
  • We pay a lot of attention to how the animals are raised and how the meat is processed making sure the standards that we use are consistent so that the meat is consistent for you
  • When you are sitting at your table for a special occasion with friends and family you don’t have to worry about being surprised with an inconsistent cut, so go ahead, take credit for a very good meal, we don’t mind
  • If you have kids you know what it takes to get them to enjoy some foods, we have children that eat their meat… enough said
Dedication to food safety
  • Food safety is a top priority for us and we will take the time to help anyone that would like to understand food safety in our plant or at their home
  • Food safety doesn’t stop at our front door, we’re enthusiastic about producing safe foods and if you have any questions about the role you play in keeping safe food safe for your family, ask us, and we’ll be happy to discuss it with you
  • Cold foods need to stay cold and hot foods need to stay hot until they are consumed
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Local Ontario products
  • We are a farmer owned abattoir and retailer, supplying all of our meats sourced from our farms and proud Ontario farm partners
  • We’ve been supporting local Ontario family farms for over 40 years
  • Famers ourselves, we understand the time and care that is taken to raise a high quality product and that should not be undone by the abattoir or retailer
  • We’re working to bring you meats that are sold the way that the farmer would have them sold, not raising meats the way the large corporation would have them raised, cheaply likely
Dry aged beef
  • We've been using the dry aging method of perfecting our beef for 40 years and although we have tried new technologies, nothing produces more tender of flavourful cuts of beef!
  • If you'd like us to age your beef longer than our standard let us know, we've got lots of room to dry age
  • We dry age our Porterhouse, T-bones, Prime Ribs, Ribeyes, and New York Strips for at least 21 days, other cuts age for at least 14 days
  • Dry aging is different than "aging" or wet aging as it occurs in a cooler exposed to the cold air, wet aging is preferred by large processors because the weight that is lost to the evaporation of water that occurs in the dry aging process, is still available for sale to butchers and grocery stores as "purge" in the plastic bag that it is sealed in
  • Dry aging is common in the finest steak houses
  • Dry aging can only be done before the meat is cut into steaks.  The bone and the surrounding fat protect the meat from microbiological growth that occurs and needs to be trimmed off by a skilled butcher or specially trained chef
  • Dry aged beef is not dried out, actually both dry aged and wet aged beef loses the similar amounts of weight before you feed it to your family, the proportions of the weight loss is different however. Whenever you see an absorbent pad placed in the package that national chain stores use, it's there to soak up the purge which you still pay for.  I'm sure is not that tasty though ;)
    • The way large national chain stores package and price meats can be deceiving because you pay for purge at their stores and at our store we don't charge you for the dry aging water loss
  • You'll notice in wet aged meats the purge is a reddish coloured.  THe colouration is an indication that very small dissolved solids of the meats are leaving, whereas, when we dry age beef only water evaporates making the meat much denser in flavour and pound for pound nutritionally denser
  • Ground meats are made fresh on site, rather than grinding meats several days ahead of time and packaging (link to moisture loss page perhaps)
  • Our supply chain is very short and so we can get the products to your family much more directly than large national chains which allows us to remain uncompromised when it comes to product quality
  • If you were buying meats any closer to the farm you would need to wear rubber boots ;)
Very good value
  • You won't find superior meats produced by Ontario farmers for a lower price anywhere
  • We offer a very unique product for which the quality is rarely matched
  • The methods used by our farm partners are agriculturally, economically, environmentally, humanely, and socially sustainable
  • We keep a short supply chain compared to some other large volume competitors which allows us to keep the transportation costs low
  • Our handmade cured and fresh sausage products are made traditional recipes using local ingredients (where possible) and time honored tradition so you don't get products full of fillers when you should be getting meat
  • We know how important it is to have steaks cuts thick and still maintain a healthy portion size so our agricultural practices are focused on growing the animals to achieve this, by doing this we can get you a thick cut steak for a smaller price per portion unlike a large national chain competitors how will cut a steak thinner in order to supply a lower price per portion
  • You pay for what you'll eat not a lot of packaging nor the purge that comes out of the meat from the time it is packaged till the time that you purchase it
Quality people and prompt service
  • Full service butchers and staff are available and happy to prepare meats the way you'd like for your family and provide you a satisfying trip to the butcher shop
  • We will take the time, at your request, to custom cut and package your order
  • For custom orders ready when you come in, call ahead to give our butchers your order and they can prepare it for you
  • Expect our stores to be clean
Sustainable practices
  • Very good sustainable agricultural practices carried out by caring and trustworthy family farms, (not a factory farm in the least)
  • All meats are free of added growth hormones and fed a traditional vegetable based diet mixed with vitamins and minerals that all animals need for good health
  • Our beef is grass fed in free range pastures and finished on whole grain completely vegetable based diets
  • We believe in happy animals living within the Ontario environment
  • We will not withhold treatment from the very small percentage of animals that do naturally fall ill after we do everything that we can to prevent it. If we have to treat an animal we will make sure that we exceed the withdrawal period set out by the Government of Canada to be sure the meat for your family is complete free of antibiotic residues
  • Unfortunately, some methods of raising cattle create economic incentives for farmers to withhold treatment from cattle that are sick and sets up a second class consumer approach to food, we do not and will not impose economic sanctions for treating animals humanely
  • Our short supply chain reduces the carbon footprint associated with the transportation of the food produced, and reduces the number of times that the product is packaged
  • Buying local Ontario products supports farmers in your part of the country
  • If you're a proponent of community supported agriculture (CSA) we offer an easy way for you to support Ontario farmers directly and on a year round basis
  • As a family business we make decisions as a family and not as a faceless, profit seeking corporation, if we do something a certain way be assured that it is done that way for a very good reason, we are sure that we do things just as you would do things if you were in our position
Wholesale pricing for all
  • We're an honest down to earth bunch, no delusions of grandeur for us and so we don't have a elite group of customers we give preferred wholesale pricing to
  • If you're willing to make volume purchases why shouldn't you be good enough to get wholesale pricing?
  • The volumes of meats you need to purchase to qualify for wholesale pricing aren't as large as you would think, it can be as little as a 6 pack case the same steaks we have in our counter, only flash frozen in vacpac bags instead of fresh
  • Check out our freezer packs for convenience and savings (link)
Government inspected meats
  • raised and processed by caring professionals under the supervision of the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)
  • we support the inspection authorities and they support us

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